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This is an amazing God Story that was shared with me and I cannot type fast enough to share it all with you.

Background: Sunday, July 10, 2011 The Waterboyz for Jesus 200Man Choir sang at Family Faith Night at the Keys Stadium in Frederick, MD. They are an amazing group of warriors for Jesus and they always manage to bring people to their feet, dancing in the aisles, and praising the Lord (and my hubby is a part of this amazing group of men, of which I am SO proud)!Here is the God Story that was shared with me:

Before the 200MAN Waterboyz Worship choir sang today, Courtney had a dream. In her dream she saw God doing something magical – something supernatural with the sound. She sent Doug a text message telling him about her dream. Jeannie was ‘manning’ the Waterboyz table during the time the choir was singing. A man rushed up to the table and said, “I want to buy their CD!” Jeannie said, “They don’t have a CD but what I think you are really saying is ‘I want to sing with the Waterboyz!’.” He said, “you don’t understand. I pulled into Home Depot (about 1 mile or so away), got out of my car and heard you singing. I looked around and other people had gotten out of their cars and they were just standing there listening. I jumped into my car, rolled down the window and followed the music here to the stadium. As I drove past Costco there were people standing outside of the cars just listening. You don’t understand – you just brought Frederick to a stop! Please tell me how to get one of your CD’s.”

Many of us have been praying that we could declare to Frederick who Jesus is and how He is using the Waterboyz for Jesus to transform men into His image. We were all thinking only about the couple of thousand people who might be in the stands. But God had bigger plans! He magically – using reverb and His supernatural power – literally allowed us to speak to the city of Frederick. Our prayer is that God would produce a rich harvest out of this miracle!  Men – and I mean MIGHTY MEN thank you!  God was lifted up – His power was poured out – and we spoke into an entire community. A pretty good day!



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