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People look at you and think you’re saints, but beneath the skin you’re total frauds. (Matthew 23:28 MSG)

Wow. This hits home. “Practice what you preach” comes to mind. There are still so many areas of my life where I need to change, set boundaries, or cut it out completely. To be a humble servant is my ultimate goal. To be washed new and have a new perspective. I love the Lord with my whole being but do I respect my whole being or do I abuse it? So many changes, so many changes…

Thank you Lord for leading me to this verse- I needed a wake-up call. I asked for one and you’ve provided it. Help me keep this on my heart to always check myself in my actions and words. Thank you for your mercy and grace, even though I take for granted your blessings. You love me still and I love you even more for it.
In Your Name,


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