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I just finished reading Proverbs 3:1-6.

The Word of God is my compass. Through him, I will get to my destination. He will see me through. I always try and do it on my own and I end up frustrated, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, angry, sad or just plain unfulfilled. So why do I insist on doing it on my own? Because it seems easier. There isn’t as much upfront work but there is guaranteed heartache. So today I make a change. Today, I lean on the Lord with all my heart and not on my own understanding. Today I start to do it His way.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your Word tonight. Thank you for guiding me once again. I will not forget your teaching but keep your commands in my heart for they will prolong my life many years and bring me prosperity. I will not let love and faithfulness leave me- I will bind them around my neck like a necklace, I will write them on the tablet of my heart, to be carried with me always. In this way I can win favor and a good name in your sight and in the sight of others. They will see the love and faithfulness that I carry. This is what will draw them to You. I will trust in You with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding because my thoughts are limited. I cannot see the whole picture like You can. I don’t have the means to get myself out of messes that I create. In all my ways I will acknowledge and praise You and I know that you will make my paths straight. You will remove the obstacles in my way because I am following the path you have set for me. Thank you for listening me once again. Thank you for loving me even when I don’t show how much I love you back. Thank you for whispering these love words to me to remind me again of what I must do to live the life you have planned for me.

In Your name I pray,



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